How it works

We work in 2 week sprints. At the end of that period you will have a fully functional software product + website and be ready to accept signups and payments.


2 days
  • Day 1

    We brainstorm about what you want to accomplish
  • Day 2

    You approve our specifications, then wireframing begins


5 days
  • Day 3

    We start designing the app's UI
  • Day 6

    You review the designs and we finalize them
  • Day 7

    We set up our to-dos in a project management system
  • Day 8

    We start developing the software


7 days
  • Day 12

    We demo the live product
  • Day 13

    We test the app and prepare it for production
  • Day 14

    We officially launch the app, hooray!
  • Day 15

    You market it and succeed (like a boss)

Meet the team


Kristian Bouw

Design & Viral Marketing

Michael Keung

Software & Analytics

Peter Brown

Software & Strategy

Apply Now

Our goal is to help serious entrepreneurs be successful. As such, we won't just work with anyone. The kind of individual we like to work with:

  • Can prove they understand their market
  • Understands the value of entrepreneurial hustle
  • Will set aside the time necessary to make this work

If you think your business would be a great fit, fill out the contact form to the right and let's get in touch!

- The NiftySauce Labs Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of 2 weeks?

Paraphrasing from the fairy tale of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears", 2 weeks is just the right length of time. Full featured web applications can take months if not years to develop. For a startup, building that kind of software is usually not an option or desirable. The limited 2 week time frame forces you (and us) to get to the core of the problem you're solving and figure out the best possible solution to test those hypotheses.

What is the benefit of software prototyping?

Software prototyping (a.k.a creating a Minimum Viable Prototype) is an inexpensive way of testing your idea against a market without investing too much time and money. A startup is never riskier than when it is in the idea stage. You want to verify that the idea can turn into a viable business before investing more resources. Talking to prospects, pre-sales, getting customers, and prototyping are all ways to mitigate that initial risk.

What if I need continuing development for my product after the 2 week period?

We have your back. We have a separate in-house development shop that handles all continuing development for $100/hour. Just say the word and we'll take care of the rest! Of course you are also welcome to hire somebody else to continue the work. We always commit to writing clean and maintainable code that other people can read and modify.

What if I find issues with the software after the 2 weeks is over?

We dedicate a full day of product testing on day 13 before the official launch but also provide a 1 week grace period in case any additional issues arise following the launch.